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Distillerie C'est Nous

Founded in 2016 by a French sommelier and an English gin lover, C'est Nous was created to craft one of the first artisanal gins in France. Using our small copper alambic, after several months the recipe for our classic Gin was developed and released at the end of 2016.

Several years later we have a range of other spirits, distilled in several small alambics in small batches, a method that allows the maximum contact with the copper thereby creating pure and rounded spirits. 

In 2022 we moved to our new distillery, continuing to develop C'est Nous spirits using our small batch method but with a new focus on distilling in the most responsable way possible.


Responsable Distillery

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Botanical Garden

We have planted various flowers and herbs which we use in our products. We have also planted Juniper which will be used in future batches.

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Reusing Water

To cool our alambics, we have a system that using 100% rain water to avoid water wastage. 

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Green Electricity

All our electricity is renewable and made in France.

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Focus on local

We work with a maximum of local suppliers as possible.

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All bottles that are returned are washed, cleaned and then re-used.


Distillation in small batches


Artisanal Production


Enjoy as you want

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