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Our Spirits

Discvoer our range of spirits and liqueurs, carefully crafted for you to enjoy! Since 2016 we have created spirits and liquers made to be adaptable, to be enjoyed pur, in cocktails or with a mixer. 

Gin C'est Nous

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Our  first product! Since 2016 we have been distilling this aromatic and pure gin, with a fresh juniper attack followed by a citrus notes and a gentle spice. Perfect for your Gin tonics and other cocktails!

Our classic gin has been awarded medals numerous times at spirit awards worldwide, including winning Best French Gin 3 times since 2019.

Gin C'est Nous
Cucumber, Basil, Apple

With our cucumber, basil and apple gin, we wanted to create a very different gin to our 'classic' gin. This gin is fresh and light created from distilling and infusing plants and spices. Ideal for gin tonics but also the basil smash?

Since 2023 we have also been using basil and apples that grow at the distillery!

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C'est Nous Cold Brew

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First Cold Brew in France, our coffee liqueur features intense coffee balanced by alcohol and sweetness. 

We have create out own blend of several coffees to create the perfect flavour profile. 

Ideal neat, or in cocktails.

Vodka C'est Nous

Our french wheat based Vodka is perfect for sipping or your cocktails. 

Distilled several times for purity, the last distillation is gently filtered by local apples brining texture and creating a rounded spirit.

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Our range of fruity gins are bottled at 21% with very little sugar allowing them to be enjoyed neat or with a mixer. 

Today we have several recieipes.

  • Rhubarb and Mint

  • Raspberry and Hibiscus

  • Abricot & Rosemary.


Our limoncello is created from the best lemons from Sicily. 

Working with a co-operative, we are directly delivered the fresh lemons which are peeled by hand and left to macerate for several months.

We then add a sugar syrup to ensure the perfect balance of flavours. 

Conseil de Julie : Conservez le dans votre congélateur, il ne gèlera pas et sera toujours prêt à siroter.

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Bouquet Botanical Rum

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Experience the exceptional taste of our Rhum bouquet, a carefully crafted blend that uniquely combines the floral and spice notes for a flavor you won’t forget. Our distinctive blend is made to perfection, ensuring that the floral and spice flavors are beautifully balanced with the signature taste of rum. Order now to taste the unique assemblage of flavors !

Pastis du Verger

Créé dans les vergers normands, ce pastis unique élaboré avec de l'eau-de-vie de pomme, est l'histoire savoureuse de macérations, distillations et d'assemblages alliant la fraîcheur des plantes anisées & la subtilité des botaniques sélectionnées. 

Les vergers

L'utilisation d'une eau-de-vie de pomme était une évidence pour cette nouvelle recette au goût anisé. La pomme apporte un profil aromatique rond, floral et relève parfaitement les ingrédients emblématiques de cette boisson née au début de XX è siècle.

Plantes de notre jardin​

Nous vous avons déjà parlé du jardin botanique C'est Nous et nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que certaines botaniques utilisées viennent directement de ce jardin. C'est le cas du thym et de la mélisse.

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