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Our "Cold Brew" starts with our neighbour Café Dauré roasting  arabica coffee beans just 50 metres from the distillery. 

Together with Maxime from Café Dauré, we have chosen a mix of two coffee beans to create the perfect blend. 

The Kenyan coffee adds fruity notes whilst the Ethiopian adds intensity and colour. 


Once the beans have been roasted, rested and ground, we then start a cold infusions with our several times distilled alcohol at the distillery. The drop by drop process ensures the maximum flavour is extracted.  

By using a cold infusions there is no second heating of the coffee beans and therefore reduces the bitterness. 


Finally we add a sugar syrup to create texture and add a touch of sweetness before bottling and labelling. 

The result is an intense coffee liqueur which is great near but also in a variety of cocktails, most notably the Espresso Martini. 


Roasting Coffee
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