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To make our premium gin, we use the highest quality French wheat alcohol. This pure, neutral alcohol gives us the perfect base for our botanicals. 

We add 9 botanicals including Juniper, Angelica Root and Coriander to our alcohol and allow to macerate for several hours to extract the maximum amount of oils from the botanicals. 


Alambic distilling .jpg

We then start our distillation in our handmade copper alambic. By distilling in small batches, we are able to create a texture and finesse that is only possible in smaller alambics. 

Heating by gas flame to ensure maximum control of the temperature, we distill slowly to produce an aromatic spirit. 


The final step is to bottle, wax and label all by hand. 

The result is a aromatic and fragrant gin with hints of juniper, orange and coriander.  Designed to be adaptable, C'est Nous Gin is great with tonic, in cocktails or simply on ice.  

Cheers ! 


Inside our still this morning before dis
Gin C'est Nous (no Background) _edited
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! We've gone gr
It's the weekend and we're in the mood f
Soleil et #cestnousgin
Merci à _lhydropathe d'être venu nous voir à la #distilleriecestnous Vous pouvez toujours découvrir
Tonight we are drinking like #hermajesty
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