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The perfect marriage of carefully distilled botanicals and a premium aged rum.
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How its born...

Distillation and ageing of Rum

in the caribbean

Distillation of botanicals

in France


Blending and wait....

Bottling and enjoy


Starting in the Caribbean, 100% sugar cane juice is fermented and distilled creating a light and pure rum, with no added sugar. This is then aged for a minimum of 3 years before arriving at our distillery in Normandy.

Much like a gin, we carefully select and individually distill herbs, flowers and spices in our copper pot still creating aromatic waters which are then added to our rum. Distilling our botanicals helps creates a more rounded and balanced rum.

Our botanicals distillate and our aged rum are then delicately and slowly blended, which is then left to rest to combine and create a smooth and rounded spirit.

The perfect balance between a smooth rounded rum and a selection of distilled botanicals, allows you to enjoy neat, with a mixer or in cocktails. 

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Jardin à l'Anglaise - The English Garden

This botanical rum is elegant, smooth and floral . Distilled chamomile, elderflower, rose petals and sage give a floral and herbacious taste followed by the smooth golden rum. 

Le Chaleureux - Warming, Cosy, Hearty


This spiced botanical rum is round and gently spiced. Distillations of juniper; cardomon, vanilla, pepper and cinamon create a balanced and unique botanical rum.

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We believe rum should be pure and not sweetened and darkened with sugar or caramel. Our Rum has no added sugar, colorant or glycerol and is regularly tested by an independent laboratory. 

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